The Essentia of wine, its bouquet pervades and inebriates the senses. A special link between heaven and earth. The transformation of the grape into wine, in an alchemical process, is the profound meaning of this nectar, produced from Nebbiolo, Barbera and Merlot grapes which are slightly dried on the vine. Its fragrance is it's Essentia.


The scent of someone or something important stays impressed on our memory forever. A scent can magically evoke the memory of the precise moment in life when it was smelt, allowing us to relive the same emotion as in the past. The wine that represents the sense of smell is my personal dream: Essentia. It contains the scents of Nebbiolo, Barbera and Merlot slightly dried on the vine. Essentia, intended both as something that enters and inebriates the senses, and as the deepest sense of everything, including wine.

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